World premiere for Carolina Hellsgard’s genre film “Endzeit”

The apocalyptic drama “Endzeit” by German director Carolina Hellsgard celebrated its world premiere on late Friday evening (local time) at the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The genre film tells the story of Vivi  and Eva, who have to fight against masses of undead two years after the zombie apocalypse on the way from Weimar to Jena.

That “Endzeit” was completely filmed by a women’s team, the director is now very dear, but that was not part of their planning, according to Hellsgard. “At first I did not even consciously choose only women for the film crew. It turned out that way and just went perfectly well, “said Hellsgard after the presentation.

Although the German director is an exception at the Toronto Film Festival, the growing number of female filmmakers is also an important topic for the organizers. “We have always tried to have many films of women in the program. This year, the rate is 36 percent higher than 2017 with 33 percent, “said TIFF CEO Piers Handling in an interview with the German Press Agency. “Thematically too, the films revolve around strong women and their dramatic stories. We are proud of that. And still: The quota must continue to rise. “

In the main roles Hellsgard was a female cast again important: “Two women who are fundamentally different and fight not only against the zombie world, but also against their own demons, which I found exciting.” Hellsgard hopes that her film above all else encourages young women to grow stronger in times of crisis. “The zombies are ultimately a metaphor. Above all, Vivi and Eva find their inner strength, “says the director.

Until September 16, 342 films will be shown in the Canadian metropolis, including 29 German films and co-productions. At this year’s festival, more than 138 world premieres await the audience, which selects the winners instead of a jury at the TIFF.

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