Work at night? Use yellow light

It is increasingly normal to work at night, but this does have an effect on your biological clock. When your day and night rhythm is regularly reversed, you can work best with yellow light. Here, your body feels most comfortable with late research.

Yellow light is healthier

The subjects exhibited a more normal night pattern with yellow light than with white light. This is evident from the PhD research for the University of Groningen. It disrupts the body’s reactions in the night less, which may also make it healthier. That is why the researcher recommends using yellow light at night.

White light makes you alert

Working with yellow light is not suitable for every nightly occupation. The subjects felt less alert in yellow light. This is partly because the skin temperature is higher than that. In addition, the blue component in white light ensures that you stay awake better. When it is important that you are very alert during your work, it is therefore wiser to work in white light.

This is how the stress hormone works

Cortisol is the stress hormone that rises from four o’clock in the morning and has a peak half an hour after you wake up. This means your body knows that it is time for action. During this phase the body is more sensitive to stimuli that raise the cortisol level. Are you going to eat something at the end of your night shift or are you doing something that causes stress? Then the cortisol level can rise considerably. If cortisol regulation is often disrupted, this may increase the chance of health risks.

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