Trump’s judge candidate Kavanaugh before confirmation

The highly controversial lawyer, Brett Kavanaugh, is accused of being a judge in the highest US court, the Supreme Court.

Previous Wackel candidates had put on Friday behind the nominated by President Donald Trump Conservatives. As a result, US Republicans have enough votes in the US Senate to successfully complete the vote.

US commentators saw Friday’s development as a major domestic victory for Trump. The majority of highly conservative lawyers in the Supreme Court could in the near future also decide on the question of whether a US president can be forced to testify in a criminal trial. Also, decisions on how parties may influence the composition of constituencies in their favor could come to the court.

Several women, including psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault during study periods. He denies that. On Friday, the opposition Democrats again sharply criticized the candidate. Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer expressed doubts about his suitability for the main US court and appealed to his Republican counterparts not to vote for Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh himself had previously been self-critical about his sometimes aggressive appearance in a Senate hearing.

Republican Susan Collins explained her motives on Friday in a nearly one-hour speech. Investigations into the past Kavanaughs would not have led to the allegations against him with sufficient probability as true, she said. Kavanaugh was not the ultra-conservative hardliner as he is put down. He voted in 96 percent of the cases with nominated by President Barack Obama judge Merrick Garland. Democrat Joe Manchin also wants to vote for Kavanaugh.

Protests against the appointment of Kavanaugh have repeatedly cropped up in Congress in Washington over the past few days. On Friday Manchin was approached by demonstrators with chants: “Shame on you!”. Trump accused the protesters on Friday of being paid for their protests. “Look at all the professionally made identical signs,” he wrote on Twitter. “These signs were not created out of love in the basement.” The investor George Soros and others had paid the demonstrators. The US President provided no evidence to support the claim.

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