Thousands protest against government in Vienna

Several thousand protesters protested in Austria against the right-wing conservative government. The crowd at the Ballhausplatz in front of the Federal Chancellery in Vienna chanted slogans against racism and social cuts on Thursday evening and warned against a loss of democracy.

The police counted according to own data about 4000 humans, the organizers spoke of approximately 20,000. On banners not only the federal government, but especially Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) was criticized: “Kickl, you TRUMP!” And “Kickl must go,” it said there.

The Minister of the Interior recently came under criticism for a mail in which his spokesman Christoph Pölzl had made the police aware of certain media. In the criticized mail Pölzl had warned the police before the newspapers “Der Standard”, “Falter” and “Kurier” because of a “very one-sided and negative reporting on the BMI and the police”.

Since taking office in December, the 49-year-old Kickl has repeatedly been in distress. Above all, a raid on the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism (BVT) made sure that the minister had to deal with claims for resignation. The opposition suspects that the FPÖ wants to exert pressure on the authorities and wants to gain more influence.

In addition, Kickl is always on controversial remarks on migration policy. Only recently did he argue that the worthiness of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean should still be checked on the rescue vessels. In July, he campaigned for asylum applications to be filed outside the EU only to end the tug business.

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