Theresa May holds closing speech to the Tory party convention

British Prime Minister Theresa May today her closing speech to the Conservative Party in Birmingham. It is expected that it will focus on the issue of immigration after the EU exit.

Already on Tuesday, May had announced new rules that will make it far more difficult for EU citizens to immigrate to Britain.

May may also promote their Brexit plans, which are heavily controversial in their own ranks. So far, however, a coup against the head of government at the party convention was missing. Even former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson remained relatively tame in his speech on Tuesday. He called on May to reject her plans, but did not question her leadership position.

Nevertheless, May should rise with a stomach ache on the podium. Last year, her party speech, then in Manchester, was a fiasco. At first she could barely speak of coughing fits, then a comedian handed her a letter of release, allegedly on behalf of the then foreign minister Boris Johnson. Last but not least, the letters of the congress motto fell off the wall behind her. It was very different two years ago when she was celebrated in Birmingham by the party members.

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