The Emmy wins the tradition

Right at the beginning, the producers of the 70th Emmy Awards themselves gave their testimony: “We’ve solved it” (“We solved it”) said in a dance number with stars from several minorities who are still underrepresented in film and television.

Black actors and comedians Sterling K. Brown (“This is Us”) and Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”), Latino singer Ricky Martin and Canadian-Korean actress Sandra Oh were on display, trying to make the evening right from the start give a touch of variety – but over the next three hours, the Television Academy jurors thwarted that promise. Old – and mostly white – acquaintances won.

In the comedy categories, for example, the innovative black drama “Atlanta” and “Insecure” had to put a stop to it. Neither in the cast nor in the main categories, they won, instead was the melancholy 50s series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” the big clearer. In addition to the Best Comedy Series award, Rachel Brosnahan also won Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in the title role as emerging comedian Midge Maisel at New York’s East Village. Other awards went to director and author Amy Sherman-Palladino and supporting actress Alex Borstein. The charming series came to a total of eight awards; she runs in Germany in the streaming offer of Amazon.

In the drama categories the fantasy series “Game of Thrones” was awarded for the third time as best series. The actor of the “Gnome” Tyrion Lennister, Peter Dinklage, also won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Overall, the Sky / RTL2 series came to nine awards, many of which, however, already in the last weekend awarded smaller divisions such as make-up and special effects.

Last year’s winner was “The Handmaid’s Tale”: 20 times the dystopian drama about a near future in which women are brutally suppressed was nominated, with only three wins. Even the complex sci-fi Western “Westworld” won only four awards in 21 nominations – both would have been bolder winners than “Game of Thrones”.

On the other hand, it was as good as ever for “Saturday Night Live” with eight awards. Artistically, the team around Producer Lorne Michaels but must be criticized: For the first time since the late 80s, they were hired for the jokes and laudations of the chronically low-heeled Emmys, but the three-hour show suffered from some hangers, who starred in the audience Microsoft theater left obvious helplessness.

Noticeable also the absence of the currently most invisible guest at US Award ceremonies: Donald Trump. Robert De Niro had shouted at the theater price Tony “Fuck Trump!” In the microphones, so the TV stars remained unusually tame on Monday. Only late-night presenter Samantha Bee took a vicious side-swipe and said, “I’m always watching this very shocking dystopian drama called The News. But they really do have to re-occupy the lead role. “

Director Glenn Weiss left more impression. He won a prize for the staging of the Academy Awards and used his acceptance speech for a marriage proposal. Addressing his audience-bound friend Jan Svendsen, he said, “You’re wondering why I do not call you ‘my friend’. I want to call you ‘my wife’. “She assumed, and he admitted behind the scenes in front of the international press that he had no plan B. After all, he solved his task.

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