Taylor Swift is campaigning for the Democrats

US pop star Taylor Swift has taken a political stance following a long silence and expressed support for Democratic candidates in the state of Tennessee on her Instagram account.

So far, she has always shied away from political statements, but several personal and public events in the last two years have driven her to speak out before the midterm elections on 6 November, writes the country singer (“Blank Space”).

“I always have and will always vote for the candidate who protects and fights for human rights,” Swift announces in her detailed post. She also sharply criticizes Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn, who is currently representing Tennessee’s seventh electoral district in the House of Representatives, and is seeking a Senate seat this year. Blackburn’s political record “scares me,” writes Swift. Instead, she would support Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen in the run for a Tennessee MP.

Swift encourages all her followers to vote and vote, giving the vote to the candidate most likely to agree with their own values. “Many of us will never find a candidate or a party with whom they agree on a topic one hundred percent, but it’s still important to vote,” Swift says. She is considered one of the most successful artists in the world and spent part of her youth in the city of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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