SYRIA Dying Every Now and Then – Where’s the ‪‎LOVE‬? #RIPHumanity

Thousand of innocent ‪Syrian‬ dies for ‪‎N0‬ ‪REASON‬ every other day. And still there’ll be no any certain news coverage in medias. No ‪‎#BBC‬, No #‪CNN‬, No ‪#‎HashTags on Twitter, Facebook,‬ No ‪#‎Tears‬. There’ll be no any Celebrity tweets in Tweeter, no filters for profile picture in Facebook either. And Purported Nuclear Power countries are busy bombing innocent lives rather than taking some wise steps.
Now tell me, Where’s the ‪#‎LOVE‬?

This man has shared some heart wrenching photos of Syrian peoples :







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