Step by step plan : Do not drink alcohol for a month

Check out Step by step plan for Do not drink alcohol for a month :

Step 1: Tell others

No drinking alcohol is easier if people in your area know. Shout it from the roofs or just tell it to your immediate surroundings. That way you only have to explain it once and alcohol is not always offered. Perhaps you yourself are a source of inspiration for others.

Step 2: Break through those patterns

The biggest challenge of a month of not drinking alcohol is to break out of stuck patterns. You do not drink the fixed moments that you are used to drinking, such as a nightcap for sleeping, a glass of bubbly to celebrate something or a glass of wine during cooking. Making an opposite movement at these moments helps you break through these patterns. It causes a short circuit in your brain.

Step 3: Make it fun for yourself

Drinking water for a month only does not make anyone happy. Do not exchange a glass of red wine for grape juice, but think of something more creative. How about a Nada Colada? A mix of fresh mango and coconut milk. Also tasty: an Apple Nojito. For this you mix two parts apple juice, with one part water with jab and the juice of half a lime.

Step 4: Choose your own level of difficulty

That you do not drink alcohol for a month is certain. Only you can choose how difficult you make it. Are you going to the confrontation and do you dive into the pub this month? Or do you do it a bit more quietly and do you skip the parties, drinks and wine tastings? Find the right balance for you.

Step 5: Notice how you feel

Maybe you have towering expectations of your month without alcohol or do you expect little of it. In both cases it is nice to write down every day how you feel. It does not have to be a complete book, just a few short sentences. Do you sleep better? Does your skin look different? Do you have more energy or less? That way you become more aware of the effects and who knows you motivate yourself to drink no alcohol more often.

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