Shiv Sena offers Rs 1 lakh ‘reward’ to anyone who slaps Aamir khan

On Wednesday, The Punjab unit of the Shiv Sena announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh per slap for anyone slapping Bollywood actor Aamir Khan over his recent remarks on “intolerance” in India.
This announcement was made during the Shiv Sena protest outside hotel MBD Radisson Blu in Ludhiana where Aamir Khan is staying.

During the protest, Shiv Sena workers used abusive language against Aamir and also burnt his photographs.
Rajeev Tandon, Punjab chairman, Shiv Sena, said that “any person who will slap Aamir Khan will get Rs 1 lakh for each slap from the Shiv Sena”.
Tandon also said, “We give an opportunity to the manager and employees of the hotel and also the team of his film to slap Aamir and get Rs 1 lakh from us.

The actor was not in the hotel when the protest took place.

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