Selena Gomez announces social media break

US singer Selena Gomez (26) is planning a break from the social media. “I’ll take a social media break,” she wrote on Monday (local time) on Instagram.

“As much as I’m grateful for the voice social media gives us all, I’m also grateful for the opportunity to take me back and live my life in the here and now,” she vaguely explains her motivation and ends up adding to: “Please remember – bad comments can hurt anyone’s feelings.”

The actress had previously withdrawn from the public for some time because she had to undergo a kidney transplant due to the autoimmune disease lupus.

Recently, she was again in the media interest, because her ex-partner, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber (24), had become engaged to the model Hailey Baldwin. Gomez and Bieber were always a couple between 2011 and 2014, earlier this year media had speculated about a love comeback of the two.

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