Scary movie “The Nun” at the top

The Nun Movie

Horror Movie “The Nun” made a surprisingly good start to the weekend in the US and Canada, according to estimates of the industry service “Boxofficemojo” the shocker played from Friday to Sunday more than 53 million dollars , which is more than that Double its production costs.

The film of the British Corin Hardy with the main actors Taissa Farmiga and Demián Bichir kidnapped in a monastery in Romania in the 1950s. “The Nun” is an offshoot of the scary series “The Conjuring” around strange, supernatural occurrences,

The turbulent Asia Love story “Crazy Rich” played on its fourth weekend in North America in second place after all still 13.6 million dollars. That raised total revenues to more than $ 136 million. It is the first Hollywood movie in a quarter of a century for which only actors with an Asian background have been hired.

The newcomer “Peppermint: Angel of Vengeance” managed with 13.2 million dollars, just behind “Crazy Rich” in third place. Jennifer Garner, star of the agent series “Alias ​​- The Agent”, directed by Frenchman Pierre Morel (“96 Hours”), plays a woman who seeks to avenge the death of her husband and daughter ten years after a street shooting. She has now trained as a killer to eliminate the then involved gangsters, judges and corrupt police. The thriller will be released in German cinemas at the end of November.

The fantasy thriller “The Meg” about a gigantic shark took fourth place for another six million dollars. Close behind followed the thriller “Searching” about a father (John Cho), who is looking for his missing daughter. On September 20, the strip should also come to German cinemas.

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