Samsung Galaxy S6 edge wins Gadget of the Year Award at 2015 Pocket-lint awards in London

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won Gadget of the Year title and beat Apple’s iPhone 6S at Pocket-lint awards 2015. Apple won Best Tablet and Best Wearable title for the iPad mini 4 and its watch. on the other hand, Dell’s XPS 13 beat Apple’s Macbook to win best laptop title.

Stuart Miles, founder and chief executive of Pocket-lint said: ‘Apple’s influence in the industry continues to dominate winning two – Best Tablet and Best Wearable – as well as coming runner-up in two more.


All the winners were decided by a panel of judges, the tech industry and the general public. The vote share was 60% from the panel, 30% from the tech industry and 10% from the public.


Mr Miles continued: ‘The Pocket-lint Awards has always been a fantastic barometer of what the industry thinks, and this year is no different.

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