Oscars SUSPEND plan for a ‘Most Popular Film’ award this year

At the 91st Annual Academy Awards coming this February, there will be no new section for the appreciation of audience hits. This was announced by the Film Academy in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Thus, the association backed out of plans for the introduction of a new trophy category (“popular film”), which had been announced in early August. “There have been a lot of reactions to the launch of a new prize and we recognize the need for further discussion with our members,” said Academy Academy President Dawn Hudson. One will examine this proposal further.

Hollywood had responded with surprise and criticism to the decision taken just under a month ago for a new trophy. “Really, this ‘best pop movie’ category is the worst idea in the Academy since they asked me to sing with Snow White,” actor Rob Lowe lamented on Twitter. Self-deprecating he recalled his miserable appearance as a singer on the Oscar stage in 1989.

Many wondered if genre films like the horror hit “Get Out” or action strips like “Mission Impossible 6” or “Deadpool 2” could only be nominated for a “popular” Oscar, but not in the prestigious category ” Best movie”.

Occasionally, blockbusters such as “Titanic” and “Lord of the Rings” at the Oscars, but usually smaller productions are nominated in the top divisions, such as this year the love movie “Call Me By Your Name” or “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri “.

The industry interpreted the plan as an effort to attract more viewers for the Oscars on the screen again. In recent years, the ratings have fallen, recently followed only 26.5 million viewers on the screen with the show. The record holds the 1998 award, as the blockbuster “Titanic” cleared before 55.2 million television viewers.

However, the Oscar Academy wants to stick to some announced changes. So the next gala is to be limited to three hours in February 2019. According to the new plans, some prizes will be handed out in the Dolby Theater during the commercial breaks instead of the live show. Highlights of these honors will then be recorded in an abbreviated form in the worldwide transmission.

Affected are 6 to 8 divisions of the 24 categories, the academy announced on Thursday. The show producers would make the selection and would suggest a change every year. Concrete divisions did not name the lenders. Especially filmmakers in secondary categories such as sound editing, short film or make-up are likely to worry that their honors are cut to save time.

The 91st Trophy Gala next year is scheduled for February 24th. Nominations for the next Academy Awards will be announced on January 22, 2019.

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