Nigerian professor solved “156-year-old mathematics problem”

An old mathematical problem has reportedly been solved by a Nigerian professor named Opeyemi Enoch. Dr Opeyemi Enoch teaches at the Federal University in the city of Oye Ekiti. He can get a $1 Million (£657,000) prize if his formula is correct.

Opeyemi Enoch thinks he has found a solution of Riemann Hypothesis (A mathematical problem first proposed by German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859).

It makes up one of the seven ‘millennium problems’, which are a set of problems proposed by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000.
So far only one of these has been solved – and the man who solved it in 2010, Grigori Perelman, actually declined the award as well as the prize money!

A statement about the potential discovery by Dr Enoch’s university said: Dr Enoch first investigated and then established the claims of Riemann. He went on to consider and to correct the misconceptions that were communicated by mathematicians in the past generations, thus paving way for his solutions and proofs to be established.

A spokesperson oof Clay Mathematics Institute said: ‘As a matter of policy, the CMI does not comment on solutions to the Millennium Problems.’

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