More than 1400 dead in Indonesia

After the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, the first relief supplies from abroad arrived in the city of Palu. Many people on the island of Sulawesi still lacked the essentials, but some residents sought a bit of normalcy.

The full extent of the catastrophe, with more than 1,400 dead, was not foreseeable on Thursday, after six days. He ordered rice, oil, sugar and eggs from the city of Makassar and wants to reopen his shop, said Mastur, the owner of a shop in Kabenga Besar market. Several businesses had been looted on Sulawesi.

The National Civil Protection Spokesman, Sutopo Nugroho, estimated the death toll was at least 1424 on Thursday. More than 2500 people were seriously injured and at least 113 were officially missing. The actual death toll is probably much higher. Not all were recovered from mud and debris long ago.

According to civil protection, more than 70,000 people lost their accommodation along Sulawesi’s west coast. The United Nations estimated that nearly 200,000 people needed help. There were commitments from all over the world. The EU Commission has activated European civil protection to coordinate aid. The federal government gives 1.5 million euros.

The 350,000-inhabitant city of Palu was hit particularly hard, where the tsunami hit the coast on Friday evening in three waves up to six meters high. In two districts, the soil turned into a soft mush during the disaster – a phenomenon known as soil liquefaction.

There are still minor aftershocks. In addition, a volcano erupted in the northeast of the plagued island. The almost 1,800 meter high Soputan hurled ash up to four kilometers in height. Apparently, however, it went off lightly. The island state of Indonesia has as many active volcanoes as no other country in the world.

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