Bin Laden Bodyguard even guarded airports in Germany!

the former bodyguard of the terrorist Osama bin Laden, Sami A., has worked in Germany with a security company. Although classified as an Islamist perjurer, A. was responsible for guarding airports and hospitals in 2000 and 2001, it is said. Sami A. was deported to Tunisia in mid-July, but could return to Germany following a court decision. However, the Tunisian authorities have refused to allow him to leave the country so far.

In addition to his work as a security Sami A. had worked in Germany as a passenger counter on public buses and trains, as the “Bild” reported on the basis of investigation files of the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Prosecutor General. This security company protects and guards celebrities and major events in addition to airports, banks, hospitals and facilities of the Bundeswehr. On request, the company stated that the personality was no longer verifiable because it was too long ago.

Another man classified as an Islamist perpetrator named Mohammed T. is said to have worked for the company. He was classified by the security authorities as a former leading member of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Police and judicial authorities would have known that Sami A. and Mohammed T. had worked in the security sector, they say.

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