Jenny Elvers writes about her fears and alcohol

Actress Jenny Elvers has written her autobiography, at 46. First, it is about her alcohol crash, mercilessly portrays the consequences of addiction.

“I’m lying on the hard tiled floor of a restaurant toilet – face down” is the first sentence. “I do not feel my body. I can not move. “On September 17, 2012, she laughs and giggles in a live broadcast by the NDR – her addiction is suddenly public.

She goes into withdrawal. “I can not even scream in pain”, she describes the first days in therapy. “My way leads through hell. Once completely through, without a shortcut. “The embarrassing television appearance she calls today” my salvation. “

“That was lifesaving,” she says in conversation. “I’ve written the book now because my soul is healthy,” she stresses. “It’s a long process to get well.” “Wacky Years: My Life between Glamor and Crash” is not all about alcohol. “It’s a biography that also tells of a young woman who sets out from the Lüneburg Heath to conquer the world,” says Elvers.

“The common thread is alcohol, but it’s not a classic addiction book,” she says. “I do not want to treat anyone, but I wanted to tell you how to get there. And of course I had to start at the top. “The book was a good graduation.

These include stations as a Heath Queen in 1990, as a model and popular motif on red carpets – at the side of famous men. Before Instagram and Facebook, the tabloids were the platform for self-expression. “This naive vanity was a mistake,” she writes. “Suddenly, I was considered a pioneer of a whole new profession: I was Germany’s supposedly first bitch.”

The life-experienced and slender 46-year-old at the interview appointment in a dignified Lüneburg hotel has little in common with the happy-light-hearted and rather voluptuous blonde of that time, it seems at first. Elvers can also laugh about herself, with a lot of self-distance she gives information. “I can already look back at 46 on an eventful life. It was never so quiet, “she says. “It also has a lot of fun moments – 28 years of show business is already quite nice.”

She describes herself in “Wackeljahre” as a purposeful perfectionist with a smiley face, who always looks for attention and also threatens to break her own claims and uncertainties. “Be open-minded, friendly and uncomplicated – then everyone will be happy with you” – she learned that early on. “Always funny. Always nice. “The fears, also to be unmasked despite some rave reviews as Mogelpackung on stage. Fears, sleep disorders, alcohol – until the body does not join.

Elvers describes her first great love for a rock star in detail, she does not call him. “He keeps his private life completely private, that should be respected,” she says. When she gets to know each other, she is 17. “That’s what shaped me, too,” she says today. “Then I came with Hauruck in a completely different world.” Later, they live a while in the heath in a small place, even smaller than Amelinghausen. But Elvers moves it out into the big world, eventually the final separation, they never meet again. Later, the book also deals with the difficult relationship with Heiner Lauterbach and the love pact with hip-hop Thomas D. of the Fantastic Four (“Die da”).

Their breakthrough has Elvers 1996 with the movie “Men’s Pension” by Detlev Buck. A scene she pursues to this day – she briefly lops her skirt, a panties she does not wear underneath. First TV roles follow. Later it becomes quite serious. She plays in the Hamburger Schauspielhaus and the passion in Berlin “Jedermann”. For her role in Buck’s film “Knallhart” she finds in 2006 widely recognized as a serious actress – “even the arts section wrote very sympathetically about me,” it says. Too late. “I did not get that honor. I fell … deeper and deeper. “

The father of her son Paul (17) is not mentioned, separation and custody disputes with singer Alex Jolig are not mentioned. At the end the book beats the bow to the end of the therapy. The years are missing. Nothing about the participation in “Celebrity Big Brother”, the jungle camp or the second Playboy appearance in 2016. The return to the Heath is also missing. “So it is rounder. The rest is not needed there, “says Elvers. “Maybe there will be another book in a few years.” Alcohol should not be in it.

Currently she lives with Paul in her native Luneburg, the book is dedicated to him. “My son – done well,” she says proudly. “Mama is almost never embarrassed,” he said.

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