Hurricane “Michael” just off Florida

Hurricane “Michael” has been ranked fourth in the United States just before he arrived in Florida. The heavy cyclone was due to hit land in the early morning (local time).

“The outer rainbands are slowly reaching the coast. This is a life-threatening event for parts of the northeastern Gulf Coast, “wrote the National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Twitter.

The NHC warned of life-threatening storm surges and extreme winds with speeds in excess of 200 kilometers per hour even before “Michael” hits land. The city of Panama City Beach and other lower-lying areas on the northwest corner of the state of Florida are subject to forced evacuation. Florida Governor Rick Scott called the hurricane “monstrous.” Heavy rain is also expected to fall in parts of Georgia, North and South Carolina and the southeast of Virginia.

Tropical storm “Florence” hit the southeastern coast of the US in mid-September and caused severe flooding, particularly in North and South Carolina. Several dozen people were killed by “Florence” and the consequences of the storm.

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