Girl Became Depressed After She Lost Her Vision, But Then She Met A Dog Who Changed Her Life

An 11 year old girl named Gabriella suddenly lost 95% of her vision in july 2017. It has found that Gabriella has a rare genetic eye disease that has caused blindness in seven generations of their family.

Sadly, Gabby had a massive fluid build-up under her retina which caused it to shred into layers. This resulted in loss of vision, vertigo, migraines, and anxiety. Gabby had to have major eye surgery in November 2017.

Now she is recovering. During surgery, She had a full support not only from her family but she also has a furry best friend named Hannah. Hannah, a St. Bernard, is by Gabby’s side every second of every day.

When Gabriella lost her eyesight, she also lost many friends. As a result, she stopped doing things that she once loved and became very depressed.

Hannah has given Gabby a sense of comfort and confidence. Now they are working on getting Hannah trained as a service dog to help Gabby be as independent as possible!

Hannah was rescued herself from a bad breeder. She was kept confined in a backyard and was only bought for breeding purposes. She was in very bad shape, underweight and matted.

Luckily, Gabby’s family saw her and decided to adopt her. Then Hannah saw Gabby, she rolled right onto her back for belly rubs. They knew she would be a perfect fit for their family.

These two are the best of friends, and it’s amazing how they’ve rescued each other!



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