Geminoid F :The ‘world’s sexiest robot’ revealed

The ‘world’s sexiest robot’ Geminoid F steals the show at World Robot Exhibition in Beijing. This 5ft 6 inch android is capable of eye movements, response to eye-to-eye contact and can recognise body language.

She is designed act like a human with rubber ‘skin’ and a woman’s face – but can’t walk and has to be wheeled around. The robot was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University who are planning on creating a better model in the future.


“Our final goal is creating some artificial intelligence by using this robot,’ Kohei Ogawa, assistant professor said. In the future we’re going to create some perfect AI system by using this robot.”


The current version of Geminoid F cost $108,600. She can smile, furrow her brows and move her mouth. It can also talk and sing. It is equipped with motorised actuators, powered by air pressure, which allow her to ‘copy’ human facial expressions.


Geminoid F has already taken the film industry by storm, becoming the first android to star in a film ‘Sayonara’.

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