Eva Simons Breaks During Radio Interview

Singer Eva Simons burst into tears during an interview with FunX-DJ Fernando Halman when she told about her conflicts with her record companies. Despite her world hits with Afrojack and will.i.am, EMI and Interscope Records refused to release new songs from Simons. “I have not released enough.

Take Over Control became a world hit when Afrojack released the song on Spinnin ‘Records. ‘But even then, EMI did not care about being a co-worker with that song.’ After that conflict Simons wanted to leave EMI.

Even with her next record company Interscope it does not work. ‘I really had songs with Angello and Avicii, but they did not hear a second Takeover Control and did not want to release anything. I was stuck again. You are really going to doubt yourself. Am I so bad? ” Even after This is Love with will.i.am wanted Interscope nothing new to release, says Simons in the program Nandoleaks.


“I have really suffered damage. You are really going to doubt yourself. Still. I now have new records, but what is good, ‘sighs Simons while she can not control her tears anymore. ‘You really get a crazy trauma. It is very frustrating. “

In April 2018 Simons released the single The One from her current record company 8ball Music. The song got stuck in the Tipparade.

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