Death toll increases in Asia – Fears of dam bursting in the USA

The heaviest storm in the world has left parts of Southeast Asia under control: in the Philippines, the number of people killed by typhoon “Mangkhut” has risen to at least 65, with dozens missing on Monday. There were at least four deaths in southeast China. In Hong Kong, where the hurricane had injured hundreds of people, cleanup began.

So far, there are 65 fatalities by “Mangkhut”, the Philippine authorities said, after more bodies had been discovered in the town of Itogon after a massive landslide. A police spokesman told the news agency AFP that another 43 people were still missing. More than 155,000 people in the Philippines continued to live in shelters.

The landslide in the mountain resort of Itogon had just downed an emergency shelter, in the miners were housed with their families. After recovering eleven casualties, the forces continued on Monday with their search for possibly up to 40 more victims.

Destroyed acreage

“Mangkhut”, the world’s heaviest storm since the beginning of the year, destroyed a large number of rice and corn crops in the north of the Philippine main island of Luzon, one month before the harvest season.

After the Philippines on Saturday, “Mangkhut” hit Hong Kong, Macau and finally on Sunday evening the southeast of China. In Guangdong Province, four people were killed, three of them by falling trees. Previously, the Chinese authorities had taken more than three million people to safety and ordered tens of thousands of fishing boats back to the ports. In Hong Kong, with wind speeds in excess of 230 kilometers per hour, the storm caused buildings to sway and cause flooding. The storm and subsequent floods, according to the Hong Kong government, “caused serious and widespread damage”. More than 300 people were injured and more than 1,500 people spent the night in shelters.

On Monday, the cleanup started in Hong Kong. Numerous fallen trees, which sometimes blocked roads, had to be removed. The schools should be closed until Tuesday, public transport was severely impaired.

Meanwhile, the Southeast of the US is battling for tropical storm “Florence” with the consequences of the huge floods. The affected states, including North Carolina and South Carolina, were worried about dam failures and landslides on Monday. According to the authorities, the number of people killed by “Florence” rose to at least 23. The damage caused by the storm was estimated at several billion dollars.

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