Death toll in Indonesia continues to rise

The number of deaths following the earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia could increase by more than 1,000.

In the city of Palu have fallen in the district Balaroa after the earthquake a week ago, about 1,000 houses in a kind of hole, said the spokesman for the national emergency service, Yusuf Latief, on Friday. The mayor of Balaroa stated that there could still be more than 1000 missing persons.

According to recent figures from the civil protection agency, at least 1,558 people were killed in the earthquake and tsunami on Sulawesi on 28 September. Accordingly, 113 people were reported officially missing and 152 were still suspected under the rubble.

In two parts of the 350,000-inhabitant port city of Palu, the earth had turned into a soft mush after the earthquakes – a phenomenon known as soil liquefaction.

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