Bitcoin loses more than $ 1,000 in 14 hours

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have dropped significantly for the second consecutive day. Bitcoin, the most well-known and oldest digital currency, fell by about 9.5 % to as much as $ 6,253 during the night on Thursday on the Bitstamp trading platform.

On Wednesday, the Bitcoin had already lost around 7 % in value. Thus, the cryptocurrency lost more than $ 1,000 in just 14 hours.

Other crypto currencies such as Ether, XRP or Eos continued to come under pressure, in some cases significantly more than Bitcoin. The Coinmarketcap website said that since Wednesday, the value of all about 1,900 cryptocurrencies has shrunk from just under $ 240 billion to $ 202 billion.

Strong price fluctuations are common in digital currencies. The reason for the recent price slide is a report by the website “Business Insider” on Wednesday. According to the report, the investment bank Goldman Sachs has shelved plans to enter the trade in cryptocurrencies.

Already in the weeks and months before the interest of the investors against the new digital currency had decreased in the tendency. One of the main reasons for this is the hitherto vain wait for the introduction of an exchange-traded index fund (ETF) in digital currencies.

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