Alibaba Boss Jack Ma withdraws job promise to Trump

Alibaba boss Jack Ma has withdrawn his promise to US President Donald Trump to create a million jobs in the US.

The founder of the world’s largest Chinese online trading platform cited as justification the trade conflict that Trump has launched with massive punitive tariffs against China.

“There is no way to keep the promise,” said Ma, according to Chinese state media in an interview with official Xinhua News Agency. The previous basis for it had been undermined by the punitive tariffs. Trade is “not a weapon” and should not be used for wars but “to be the driving force for peace”.

Ma had given Trump the promise at a meeting at the beginning of the presidential term. In the trade dispute, Trump has now allocated half of all imports of goods from China with special tariffs. The $ 50 billion in punitive fines imposed so far will be followed by customs duties on goods worth $ 200 billion on September 24.

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