After Tsumai: volcano on Sulawesi erupts

On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi after the tsunami disaster with more than 1300 dead also a volcano erupted. The 1,800 meter high volcano Soputan hurls ash up to four kilometers in height.

According to the National Civil Protection Authority, there was initially no information about major damage. Meanwhile, the search for survivors of the tsunami disaster is becoming increasingly desperate.

According to the official interim results, at least 1347 people were killed in the series of earthquakes and the following tidal wave on Indonesia’s fourth largest island last Friday. Under the rubble of houses and in the mud, many more bodies are suspected. It is feared that the death toll is in the thousands. On Wednesday, Civil Protection wants to publish a new interim report.

But until the full extent of the disaster is clear, it will likely take days. Civil Protection Department spokesman Sutopo Nugroho reported more than 800 casualties. More than a hundred people are officially missing. More than 60,000 have lost their homes. The situation on the island meanwhile gets more and more chaotic. The United Nations estimates that more than 190,000 people depend on help.

The survivors grow desperate and angry because of the lack of key things like electricity, water, food and fuel. In the particularly badly affected city of Palu, there were looting. According to police, 45 people were arrested. They had tried to steal flat-screen TVs, shoes, clothes and an ATM in shopping malls, among other things.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian military flew out of Palu airport with Hercules transport machines injured. The people were taken to the provincial capital Makassar, where they can be better cared for in hospitals. A military spokesman said, “They need to be treated. This is not possible in Palu, because there is still no electricity. “At the airport of the 350,000-inhabitant city also field hospitals were set up.

The Soputan volcano is located in the northeast of Sulawesi, several hundred kilometers from the Tsunami disaster area. In the past years he had broken out again and again. Indonesia lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the geologically most active zone on earth. There are always earthquakes. Even volcanic eruptions are not uncommon. The island nation has as many active volcanoes as no other country in the world.

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