5 reasons you should do martial arts

Read eight good reasons why you should throw your doubts overboard and try out martial arts. Believe us: you will be pleasantly surprised!

With each other instead of against each other

In martial arts it’s man against man or woman against woman. One-on-one is about defeating your opponent: identifying who is stronger, faster, and more skilled. Correct? This notion of martial arts is still commonplace and quite wrongly deters many people from trying out martial arts. Because what we see in the pros when boxing, not the training routine for recreational athletes. In practice, the motto is ” together instead of against each other”. As a rule, you train with a partner who has a similar level of training and learn new techniques together. These are performed more playfully rather than with power and aggressiveness. Communication also plays an important role. Because: With most techniques, one depends on the feedback of the partner. This is the only way to find out if the technology has been executed correctly and effectively. Overall, our conclusion is therefore: Although martial arts is not a classic team sport, the focus in training is still on the togetherness.

Stress reduction

escapes the stress of everyday life and may also be happy about a decent dose of happiness hormones. However, it is not so easy to find the necessary motivation and push regularly alone to the physical limit. By training with a partner that works much easier in martial arts. Besides, one does not want to be embarrassed by the watchful eye of his trainer. But that’s not enough! Martial arts has even more advantages when it comes to stress reduction: while running or weight lifting can easily continue to lose in his thoughts and worries, which is unfortunately not conducive to the level of stress.

Agility and coordination

In order to perform the perfect kick, hit or throw, a high degree of coordination and agility is needed. Unfortunately, these training aspects are neglected in many sports – rather, often only strength or endurance in the foreground. The result is often a bad motor mechanics that favors injuries. Through targeted exercises, such as training with a boxing pear or certain stroke and tread sequences, the muscle activation is specifically trained by our nervous system. You automatically learn to activate and relax – so the interaction of many muscle groups. And this very interaction of the muscles, in addition to strengthened support muscles and an optimization of balance – is an elementary aspect of functional fitness. This not only leads to an improved body sensation.

Fat loss

The fat reduction is controlled by the calorie balance – that is, one must consume more calories, as one takes over the food. What does this all have to do with martial arts? Quite simply: Due to the many varied movements of kicks, punches and throws the pulse remains constantly high and you consume neat calories. For example, one hour of classical boxing training burns a whopping 670 kcal .By comparison, while jogging, depending on your speed and body weight, you are more likely to consume 400 to 500 kcal per hour. However, not all training sessions burn the same calories, sometimes less strenuous technique training is on the program. In that case, the training can be supplemented without any problems by a short circuit training – and in martial arts centers you will always find a motivated teammate.

Values ​​for life

Many martial arts are several hundred – some even a thousand – years old and therefore have a great tradition. Thus, many martial arts centers still attach great importance to teaching values ​​and discipline. A respectful togetherness is expected here by every trainee. The profession, the ethnic background, the religion, that’s all in martial arts care, because on the mat are all the same. Self-restraint and the observance of rules are values ​​that one learns in martial arts and can be transferred quite positively to other areas of life.

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