Ryan Adams apologizes for tweets

Musician Ryan Adams apologized for comments he made about his ex-wife Mandy Moore (34). In addition, the 43-year-old announces that he wants to accept professional help. “I’m talking to a bereavement / crisis counselor. I apologize if I have anybody worried, “he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. He stressed that depression, anxiety and panic attacks and grief are very real and serious problems.

Agitated, the musician had interview statements by his ex-wife. The magazine “Glamor” had told her about her marriage: “Not the smartest decision. I did not choose the right person. “

Adams then wrote to Twitter that his marriage, which closed in March 2009, was “moribund right from the start”: “When someone told me we were married, I thought it was a joke.” How serious he meant it , remained unclear. He had “many painkillers” at that time, Adams added. These tweets have since been deleted, but US media have released screenshots.

The two had announced their separation in January 2015, they were divorced in June 2016. Moore (“Amanda Leigh”) is also successful as an actress, especially in comedies such as “From Woman to Woman” or “License to Marry.” Adams formerly belonged to the band Whiskeytown and has been successful since 2000 alone (“Heartbreaker”).

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