Indonesia again complains of earthquake deaths

The island nation Indonesia, which has repeatedly been hit by natural disasters, has been shaken by an earthquake again.

The quake of magnitude 6.4 broke in the night to Thursday (local time) the people of Java and Bali from the sleep. At least three people were killed by falling debris, there were also several injured, as the National Civil Protection announced.

The center of the quake was about ten kilometers deep in the sea north of the province of Java Timur and northwest of the popular holiday island of Bali. Tsunami danger did not exist according to information of the authorities.

In another region of Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi, there had been a devastating 7,4 magnitude earthquake on September 28, followed by a tsunami. The coastal city of Palu and a number of villages have been devastated. The last official mention was made of more than 2000 dead, but it is feared that thousands more are buried under rubble and mud.

Thursday’s quake was also felt at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Bali. According to the organizers, according to initial findings, however, no participants were harmed, nor had there been any serious damage.

Indonesia lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the geologically most active zone on earth. The island nation has as many active volcanoes as no other country in the world. Even earthquakes and tsunamis are more common there. The mega-tsunami of Christmas 2004 killed more than 160,000 people, more than in any other country in the region. In total, around 230,000 people were killed in the eastern states bordering the Indian Ocean.

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