13 Funny and Logical Difference Between India & United States of America

  • Facebook Password of Americans: AI7arwqv3.
  • Facebook Password of Indians : iloveyoudarling.

  • American to his son: Son,Do whatever you want!!
  • Indian to his son: Be like Sharmaji’s Son !!

  • Parents in USA: Good night,son.
  • Indian Parents: Burn your mobile and sleep fast..!!

  • USA: If Pakistan attacks on us,we will attack on Pakistan
  • India: If Pakistan attacks on us,we will not play cricket with Pakistan.

  • Water disappears in 5 mins after rain in USA.
  • Road disappears in 5 mins after rain in India.

  • You can piss in public in India.
  • You can Kiss in public in USA.

  • Americans eat Curry at Indian Restaurant.
  • Indians eat Burger at Mcdonalds.

  • American girls likes to wear Sarees.
  • Indian girls like to wear crop tops and skirt.

  • Americans treat Tom Cruise as normal human being.
  • Indians Treat Shahrukh Khan as the King.

  • Americans wipe their butt with toilet paper.
  • Indians clean their butt with water and wash with their left hand.

  • Americans do their shit by sitting on western toilets.
  • Indians do their shit by sitting on squat toilets.

  • Google’s head office is in Mountain View,California,USA.
  • Google’s CEO is Sundar Pichai,an Indian.

  • Americans loves Yoga more than Indians.
  • Yoga was discovered in India.

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