Apple disappoint investors with forecast for Christmas business

Apple has disappointed the stock market with its forecast for the Christmas business. For its traditionally most important quarter, the iPhone group announced a sales increase of a maximum of five percent to 93 billion dollars.

Analysts had expected more, including Apple has more expensive devices on offer than a year ago. Some market observers already believed that Apple could crack the $ 100 billion mark in one quarter. The stock lost in the after-hours trading on Thursday temporarily more than four percent.

In the past quarter, the launch of the new iPhone XS Apple brought a big jump in sales and profits. The group earned $ 14.1 billion – about 32 percent more than a year ago. Revenues increased by a fifth to $ 62.9 billion in the fourth quarter of September ended, said Apple.

Apple sold about 46.9 million iPhones. That was just over 200,000 more than in the same quarter last year – but revenues from the iPhone business jumped 29 percent to around $ 37.2 billion. This is because last year the new iPhone X came on the market only in November – and now since September the successor model XS and the larger and more expensive version XS Max were sold.

Also, the business with Mac computers made the more expensive Pro models more profitable. In terms of volume, the year-on-year decline was two percent to 5.3 million units – but sales increased by three percent to $ 7.4 billion.

The iPad had the opposite effect: the number of units sank by a moderate 6 percent – but sales slumped even more by 15 percent after the launch of a more attractive low-priced model.

The service business, which includes revenue from the Apple Music streaming service, the app download, and the iCloud online storage service, increased revenue by 31 percent to $ 4.2 billion.

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